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Meet Dean Markham, the founder of Hidden Water, Inc.

Dean Markham

Dean Markham founded Hidden Water, Inc. in 2000. As a tribal member of the Cherokee Nation, in Oklahoma, Dean grew up around oil fields and waste management issues. He was born in El Dorado,KS where his father worked in the oil fields. After working hard to obtain his environmental management degree in 1993 from Northeastern State University in Oklahoma he went on to work for a national environmental service company that eventually transferred him from Texas to Wichita, Kansas, where Dean pursued his MBA and continued working in the Environmental Service arena.  In 2000, Dean began working for Bombardier Learjet, Inc. and started doing consulting work on the side with the already established company he formed, HWI.

Through an SBA program that he entered in 2006, he was able to unlock more doors to other government contracts. He enjoys what he does on a daily basis and looks forward to what the future holds. "I love what I do.", says Dean...and that is always a recipe for success.

Dean Markham

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